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Heat Shrinkable End Caps

Heat Shrinkable End Caps offered by us is ideal for sealing cable ends, pipe, conduits, etc. Superior resistance to weathering, moisture contamination and adverse environmental conditions, this Heat Shrinkable End Caps covers the requirements for those products whose dimensions will shrink to a predetermined size up on the application of heat above 125 oC. The color of the Heat Shrinkable End Caps offered by us is black. The Heat Shrinkable End Caps are pre-coated on the machine in film form or spiral form, with a hot melt adhesive of translucent, yellowish color.

Typical Applications
End caps are used for protecting the unused cable end from the environmental effects. They also offer insulation on the unused end of electrical cable connected to supply. Yamuna Power Technologies end caps with film form coating are suitable for pressurized and with spiral form coating for unpressurized telecommunications cables and full range of electrical cables of PVC, XLPE, PILC or rubber type jackets. The application table gives the end cap dimensions and cable diameter range of usage for each model. For pressurized telecom cables, the end caps are fitted with a non return air valve.

  • Good resistance against abrasion
  • Unaffected by ultra violet light
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Good chemical & solvent resistance


The base material of the end caps is thermally stabilized, cross linked polyolefin. The end cap is coated inside with a polyamide based hot melt adhesive. The raw material is compounded with a package of chemical additives offering protection against oxidation, ozone, UV radiation, etc.

End Caps Manufactured from Special Materials
End caps can be supplied against specific orders manufactured from semi-conducting or non-tracking high voltage (Red) materials. Non-tracking HV end caps are coated with butyl rubber based mastic, which is water-proof, insulating and non-tracking. Semi-con end caps are coated with semi-conductive mastic or poly-amide based hot melt adhesive or suitable combination of both.

Ordering Information

Product Code D max. D min. L T CABLE RANGE
YEC-001 10 4 33 2 4-8
YEC-101 20 7.5 55 2.3 8-16
YEC-102 30 10.5 70 2.8 10-30
YEC-201 40 15 90 3 15-35
YEC-301 55 25 125 3.3 25-47
25-47 75 35 140 3.5 35-68
YEC-501 100 45 160 3.7 45-90
YEC-601 130 63 160 3.5 64-120
YEC-701 158 63 160 4.2 64-145