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Heat Shrinkable Transition Joints

Heat Shrinkable Transition Joints are suitable for up to 33KV 3Core Screened PILC Cables to XLPE Cable. These Heat Shrinkable Transition Joints have been specifically designed, keeping in mind the suitability for 3 core XLPE/ EPR/ PVC/PILC Insulated Cables up-to 33KV. Our extremely effective Heat Shrinkable Transition Joint is renowned for extremely low value of losses, high conductivity and superior insulation properties.

Suitable For: 11KV, 22Kv, 33KV

Electrical Performance

Test Requirement Typical Value
A.C. Dry Withstand Voltage 50 KV/1 Minute Pass
D.C. Voltage Withstand Test 96 KV/15 Minute Pass
Lightening Impulse withstand Voltage 125 KV > 125 KV

Ordering Information

6.6 KV to 12KV 22 KV (24 KV) 33 KV (36 KV)
Cable Size (Sq mm) Kit Code Cable Size (Sq mm) Kit Code Cable Size (Sq mm) Kit Code
25-50 YPS-11 25-50 YPS-21 35-70 YPS-31
70-120 YPS-12 70-120 YPS-22 95-150 YPS-32
150-240 YPS-13 150-240 YPS-23 185-300 YPS-33
300-500 YPS-14 300-500 YPS-24 400 YPS-34